Hosting a Static Website for $0.01

This guide is a follow-up from my original tutorial. I’ve updated my blog to Azure’s new infrastructure over a year ago. This site currently receives about 12,000 page views per month. In my previous tutorial, it cost about $0.20 per month to handle storage and bandwidth costs. But for the last 12 months, it cost me $0.01 per month to keep this site running. $0.05 for storage, and $0.07 for bandwidth. … »

Blogging for Pennies on Azure

I’m an absolute sucker for free (or at least incredibly cheap) stuff. If you’re reading this, you probably are too. As a semi-recent hire at Microsoft, one of the employee perks is an Azure subscription with a monthly quota worth $150USD. For Canadians, that translates to $190CAD per month. While that is plenty enough to host a few websites on several fairly beefy VMs, why not optimize costs and host for as little as $0. … »