Why DevOps, and why PaaS?

When it comes to deployments, there has been a recent push for rapid release cycles, resource orchestration, application scalability, product delivery, and quality testing. IT Administrators and Software Developers need to be able to improve collaboration and communication. This mindset is often referred to as DevOps, a term used for integrating both software development and IT together. DevOps can mean different things for different groups. Software Developers who really try to adopt a DevOps state of mind tend to stumble towards automated application deployment tools that provide application monitoring, scaling, and automated builds like Heroku, Windows Azure, or Google App Engine. … »

deis-bot's many one-liners

Some hilarious one-liners from deis-bot, a buildbot that sits in #deis on IRC: <gabrtv> deis-bot: if you bitch about db schema changes you're gonna make me upset <deis-bot> gabrtv: if you need to reprovision your controllers <gabrtv> that's a good point, but i tested it and the schema migration is backwards compatible w/ my existing controller <deis-bot> build #261 of deis is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot. … »

Deis on DigitalOcean

Deploying applications to web servers on your own infrastructure these days has never been easier. Gone are the days of having to manually install packages, run bootstrapping scripts, replicate production environments, and document the entire process so that you can successfully run the same job at 3AM because your application went down. Thanks to new emerging technologies like Configuration Management tools, Platform as a Service layers, and the push for companies to adopt a DevOps approach to their solutions, IT orchestration and application management got a hell of a lot easier. … »

I heard you like Tetris...

So why not play tetris inside Stackato, or any other server that allows you to tunnel via SSH? Now you can, thanks to the help of Mathias Buus who created a program that will let you play tetris in full colour in your terminal window. Most of my time at ActiveState HQ is spent on getting open source applications like tetris or docker’s internal registry ‘stackatofied’. We choose applications that are new and exciting or that demonstrate deploying an application in some way. … »